Thank you for visiting my website. I started competing in bodybuilding in 1994. I never really had a desire to compete but once I did it, my passion for the sport grew. I have promoted natural bodybuilding since 1995. I have helped hundreds of people get involved in the sport. I want to give all athletes the opportunity to compete in a well run fair show. The INBF has stringent drug testing standards. I am proud of the fact that we do a thorough test and give athletes the opportunity to compete on a fair playing field against other drug free athletes. If you have the desire to compete, get out there and do it! Bodybuilding is a true individual sport and all of the competition ultimately is with yourself.

After winning two World Championships I was faced with a new challenge that no athletes like but it always seems to par for the course, injuries. The past four years, I have spent more time rehabbing my knee than training legs. I have had four surgeries on it within the last two years. I knew I could be better and still have the desire to compete with the best natural bodybuilders in the world. So I continued to train and work through my restrictions. My goal was to compete in the World Championships in 2003.

My training regimen and preparations for competition have changed dramatically because of all of the limitations my knee condition has put on me. This year, I won my third World Championship. I had the help of Dr. Joe Klemczewski and also my physical therapist, Lisa Knox. They both played key roles in helping me achieve my goals. I could not have done it if it were not for their expertise.

I know I am not alone and everyone is faced with their own set of challenges. If you really want to compete and become your best, you can but may need a little help. I know from my own experience. There are people out there involved with Natural Bodybuilding who can help you and save you time and aggravation. In 1999, Laurie Normandeau and I came up with the idea to hold seminars to get more people involved in natural bodybuilding. We first started with smaller lectures just going over the basics. As attendance grew, more people requested more seminars and more specific topics covered and with that we put together the Pro Series Weekend camp. We bring in the top people from all over the country to lecture on topics specific to natural bodybuilding. It is a great event that I hold annually in January. The attendees are at both ends of the spectrum, people looking to start training to compete to WNBF Pro bodybuilders. All will walk away with a lot of knowledge and motivation to become your best. I have many events planned for 2004 so visit the website frequently to stay up to date. If you have questions, please email me.

Good luck preparing for the INBF Monster Mash/WNBF Pro Master's American

Nancy Andrews